lundi 13 octobre 2014

October and November 2014 - The very last days to enjoy our Riva Collection boat the KIM in Paris on the Seine river, before the end of the season 2014

KIM Collection Boat The Original one in Paris Don't hesitate to enjoy the very last days of the season 2014 aboard our lovely and unic Collection boat KIM Riva boat in Paris! End of our season : mid-november 204 You may like to cruise on your own on the Seine river during a chilly morning with a fur blanket before the mass boats arrivals; or before noon, with the coming out of the warmer sunbeams, it is one of the best time of the day in Paris to enjoy an aperitif before having a nice lunch at Maison Blanche restaurant located upon the roofs of Paris or in a quiet place called Dauphine Plaza close to Pont Neuf in Paris, one of our favorite place... At present, another great time is before night: between 6 and 8 pm, for sunset time and night fall on the Seine; a fur blanket and sparkling Ruinart champagne.... Enjoy a few pictures of our lovely boat on the Seine in different situations. Maybe it will give you more ideas to create your personal scenario such as proposal …; a cruise just for fun to share with your half part! Imagine your cruise and live your own experience on the Seine! All the best, Laurence PARIS LUXURY BOAT
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