vendredi 2 septembre 2016

Kim luxury Boat 14th July - Independence Day in Paris

Indépendance Day in France, the Kim was at the feet of the Eiffel Tower as every year for an happy few private guests....

Kim in Paris by the Seine at the Sunset....

So Mythic, So Wonderful, So Classy, So Exclusive, So Personalized, 
So Parisian, So Chic, So Girly, So Romantic, So Vintage, So Unique

Live your own Experience aboard the most Romantic and Exclusive Runabout 
on the Seine river in Paris

It is so Wonderful to cruise by sunny and warm days at the Sunset time!
After the Summer break,
Enjoy our so Chic & Parisian Exclusive Private Cruises on the Seine river

Don't hesitate to request :
Private Cruises until mid november 2016