jeudi 9 novembre 2017

Your proposal : An awake dream in the city of Love on the Seine river with the Kim Collection Boat

The season 2017 is almost over for the KIM, our Mythic Collection Boat 

If you want still to enjoy the great experience of this fabulous private boat in Paris on the Seine river,
please book before Tuesday 14th november 2017 your private cruise experience
or already plan to book your future cruise for next season 2018 starting next spring around the end of march, ending mid-november 2018 in order to enjoy the rates of the latest season 2017.

With Paris Luxury Boat you will discover and see Paris as no one by the Seine river.

Live your alive dream on the Seine in Paris and remember it
as a part of your fabulous personal & life experience for years.

Sunset cruise with personalized service, champagne and crew
late october at the night fall in Paris